Soundcloud is one of the best platforms when it comes to starting a successful music career. The advantage of Soundcloud marketing is that you can make music easily and free of charge to a wide audience. Soundcloud also works as a social network and users can follow other users, like tracks, create lists, and so on. But that does not bring you anything if you just start at zero.

Does a tree that falls over in the forest make a noise even if nobody hears it? In order to be successful with your music you have to market them properly and luckily this is pretty easy on Soundcloud. If your music is good and people like it, your fanbase will grow by itself, but just in the beginning you should be careful to invest a lot of time in your marketing.

  1. The right Soundcloud profile

If you do not have a Soundcloud profile followers yet, then everything starts here for you. Think of a meaningful and creative stage name that describes the style of your music well. Something simple and interesting usually better embodies a brand and people will be able to remember your profile more easily. In the simplest case, you can simply use a DJ Name Generator, but let’s face it; there should be a lot of creativity left. This of course includes a matching profile picture. At best, you have design experience or know someone who can design something for you. Otherwise you can make something simple from public domain photos and simple fonts.

  1. Find profiles with influence

This is where the real growth begins. Your profile only grows if you find the right people who like your music. Of course, you have to know your target group or at least get to know it. Show some of your friends your music to get a sense of who likes your music and, above all, what other artists they like. But sometimes it is enough to search for known music that sounds similar to yours. Through the profiles of these artists, you can best market your own profile in two ways.

Mixtapes & Remixes

With mixtapes you can quickly create an extremely high range, for the simple reason that mixtapes contain many different artists and are thus interesting for many people. Make sure you make a decent mixtape and no garbage; no one wants to have his music in an amateur set. If you have a decent mixtape to show off, be sure to take the time to write a clean tracklist and write in the description. If you contact all artists appearing on your mixtape, it is very likely that you will get one or the other repost. It’s best to do this directly via the Soundcloud marketing comments of the corresponding song or a PM. The whole thing is of course synonymous for remixes, but here you have to land a real success to be noticed.

  1. Show you outside of Soundcloud

In addition to the range of soundcloud marketing itself, that is, in the internal search of Soundcloud, the general organic visibility on search engines such as Google & Co is particularly important for a successful Soundcloud profile. Overall, the Soundcloud search works only very rudimentary compared to the much more complex Google search. Unfortunately, this mostly affects artists with only a few thousand plays or followers. With Soundcloud itself, such tracks and profiles are rarely shown in the search, but found much easier via Google.

So it’s important that you get links to your profile and tracks outside Soundcloud. Such links can come, for example, from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or from blogs and other websites. Many blogs offer newcomer artists a platform to write about their music.

  1. Add value to your fans

Soundcloud has so many users because it’s free. Compared to Spotify, however, there are many unknown artists who also offer their music for free. If you publish your music without a label, you should offer some tracks for free download. This allows you to build a fanbase very fast. With tools like ToneDen, you can limit downloads to your Soundcloud followers, which usually gives you more followers.