5 Essential Tricks and Tips to Use Instagram

Instagram is cool… After having completely devoured Snapchat, having stayed with a large number of Twitter users and achieved a whopping 700 million users, Instagram is becoming a giant that can hardly be replaced. It is the social network that is hitting the strongest among young people, and learning how to use it is a key if we want to become “someone” in that network. In this article we are writing 5 essential tricks and tips to use instagram.

As in any social network, there is no exact formula that we can follow to have more followers or like, since that depends, ultimately, on the quality of our content. However, there are certain tricks that we can take into account to get better results in that network. Do you want to know them? Well, keep reading!

  1. Do not use apps to get followers


Let’s start learning a very important concept: it does not matter how many followers, but the interaction of these with your content. I explain. Imagine you have 10,000 followers, but you only have 30 likes in your photos. What good is it to have that many followers if they do not interact with you? Of absolutely nothing. It is better to have fewer followers and more interaction with them.

That is why you should not use applications to get followers. People who follow you through these apps are not going to do it for the quality of your content, but to increase their number of followers, so they will not interact with you. Try to win your own community of followers, uploading good content, interacting with your followers and with the rest of the accounts. Remember that in social networks you have to participate, not just be a spectator.

  1. Use hashtags, but use them with heads


Sorry to be the one to tell you, but those hashtags type #AsiSí #Tequierooooo, #DeCopasConMiNiño and similar do not work for absolutely nothing at all . Nobody is going to look for that type of hashtags, so nobody is going to find you and your publications will go completely unnoticed. Use hashtags that make sense, see which are using the most influential instagramers and join them.

If you want to have an idea of ​​what to use, you can take a look at this article to find some. The problem is that they are used by everyone, so your photo will be a drop of water in an ocean. This is where the quality of your content comes into play. If this is good, it will not go unnoticed and will draw attention to people.

  1. Upload a photo a day at the right time


Statistics say that people with more followers upload a photo every day. Do not flood Instagram with your photos of dinners and parties. Choose one (or several and make an album) and wait, be patient. It is useless to upload a photo at 3 o’clock in the morning when all your followers are sleeping. Wait until the next day and upload it calmly, at the time your followers are most active.

If you have a Facebook page you can activate statistics on Instagram to know when your audience is connected. Based on my experience, my recommendation is that you upload a photo about 14:30 or 15:00 or 21:00. Think about when you use your Instagram, and your followers, which will be more or less your profile, will be connected to the same hours, more or less.

  1. Do not follow people for commitment

There are people who get angry when they follow you and you do not follow them back. My approach is “It will be something” . You do not have to follow 800 accounts because they are your followers. Simply follow accounts whose content you like and give you something. If you have a friend who only uploads pictures of deer and you do not like deer, why do you have to follow him? Not at all.

  1. Search for a style and follow it

People like to follow accounts that publish a particular type of content. If they follow you they will do it because you upload “that” content, and not another. You cannot – or should not – upload different content every day, but you must follow a style. Imagine that you upload minimalist photos and, suddenly, upload an architectural photo just because. It does not stick with your style, and that people would squeak. Avoid it.

Also, it looks very nice when you move through a user’s feed and find a unique style. Think that the feed is the first thing that people see when it enters your profile, so it has to be striking and attractive -that same I would have to apply myself, why be deceived-.

Tip: Do not obsess over the ‘likes’

I like Instagram

Instagram is a social network to have fun and share photos. Do not obsess because they do not have thousands of ‘likes’. Upload the content you like to you, because sooner or later you will find hundreds of users who share your same tastes and will follow you. The ‘likes’ come alone, but you have to be constant and patient. Do not want to be Cristiano Ronaldo in just two weeks.

Do not get obsessed with followers either. It is better to have a thousand than a million if those thousand interact with you. Think about it in percentage terms. If you have a thousand followers and 200 likes means that 20% of your followers interact with you (that’s nothing, but nothing bad). Ariana Grande has 104 million followers and 1.6 million likes in your photos, which mean that 1% of her followers, interact with her.


Soundcloud is one of the best platforms when it comes to starting a successful music career. The advantage of Soundcloud marketing is that you can make music easily and free of charge to a wide audience. Soundcloud also works as a social network and users can follow other users, like tracks, create lists, and so on. But that does not bring you anything if you just start at zero.

Does a tree that falls over in the forest make a noise even if nobody hears it? In order to be successful with your music you have to market them properly and luckily this is pretty easy on Soundcloud. If your music is good and people like it, your fanbase will grow by itself, but just in the beginning you should be careful to invest a lot of time in your marketing.

  1. The right Soundcloud profile

If you do not have a Soundcloud profile followers yet, then everything starts here for you. Think of a meaningful and creative stage name that describes the style of your music well. Something simple and interesting usually better embodies a brand and people will be able to remember your profile more easily. In the simplest case, you can simply use a DJ Name Generator, but let’s face it; there should be a lot of creativity left. This of course includes a matching profile picture. At best, you have design experience or know someone who can design something for you. Otherwise you can make something simple from public domain photos and simple fonts.

  1. Find profiles with influence

This is where the real growth begins. Your profile only grows if you find the right people who like your music. Of course, you have to know your target group or at least get to know it. Show some of your friends your music to get a sense of who likes your music and, above all, what other artists they like. But sometimes it is enough to search for known music that sounds similar to yours. Through the profiles of these artists, you can best market your own profile in two ways.

Mixtapes & Remixes

With mixtapes you can quickly create an extremely high range, for the simple reason that mixtapes contain many different artists and are thus interesting for many people. Make sure you make a decent mixtape and no garbage; no one wants to have his music in an amateur set. If you have a decent mixtape to show off, be sure to take the time to write a clean tracklist and write in the description. If you contact all artists appearing on your mixtape, it is very likely that you will get one or the other repost. It’s best to do this directly via the Soundcloud marketing comments of the corresponding song or a PM. The whole thing is of course synonymous for remixes, but here you have to land a real success to be noticed.

  1. Show you outside of Soundcloud

In addition to the range of soundcloud marketing itself, that is, in the internal search of Soundcloud, the general organic visibility on search engines such as Google & Co is particularly important for a successful Soundcloud profile. Overall, the Soundcloud search works only very rudimentary compared to the much more complex Google search. Unfortunately, this mostly affects artists with only a few thousand plays or followers. With Soundcloud itself, such tracks and profiles are rarely shown in the search, but found much easier via Google.

So it’s important that you get links to your profile and tracks outside Soundcloud. Such links can come, for example, from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or from blogs and other websites. Many blogs offer newcomer artists a platform to write about their music.

  1. Add value to your fans

Soundcloud has so many users because it’s free. Compared to Spotify, however, there are many unknown artists who also offer their music for free. If you publish your music without a label, you should offer some tracks for free download. This allows you to build a fanbase very fast. With tools like ToneDen, you can limit downloads to your Soundcloud followers, which usually gives you more followers.

How to Enable Downloads for your SoundClound Tracks?

Free users have a download limit of 100 downloads per track, Pro users have 1,000, and Pro Unlimited users have unlimited downloads available for their tracks. You can upgrade to Pro or Pro Unlimited here.

When enabling downloads, any listener of your track will have access to download. If you would like only select users to be able to download the track, make the track private and share it to those recipients individually.

Individual tracks

You can enable, or disable downloads for your listeners through your track’s Permissions tab. Enabling means that your listener can have a copy of your original file format that you have uploaded to SoundCloud.


Multiple tracks

You can enable or disable downloads for multiple tracks at once through your Tracks page.

Click on the tracks you would like to change the download settings for, and click ‘Edit tracks’ and choose ‘Permissions’ from the dropdown:

If you’re on a mobile device, you can also make your track downloadable on the SoundCloud Pulse app by going to the edit page for your track and turning on the ‘Enable downloads’ section.

How to get Facebook Status/Post/Photo/Video URL

How to Get Facebook Post Url From Your PC? Click to watch video tutorial.
How to Get Facebook Post Url From Your Mobile? Click to watch video tutorial.

Today I was asked by one of our customers how to find the link URL in a Facebook Post.

They wanted the URL so they could add the post to add comments using the fastsmmpanel.com.

What seemed a simple request turned out to be much more difficult since Facebook does not make it obvious where to find the URL for post.

1- Go to your Facebook page e.g. https://www.facebook.com/AnushkaSharmaOfficial/
2- Click the Date Stamp of the post you want to find the URL for
The post will load as it’s own page and you can copy the URL e.g. https://www.facebook.com/AnushkaSharmaOfficial/photos/a.1508782029450856.1073741829.1499569113705481/2015300188799035/?type=3&theater

How to get an Instagram profile link URL

Your Instagram profile link is “http://www.instagram.com and your username.

For example, my username is “fastsmmpanel” so my Instagram profile link would be: “http://www.instagram.com/fastsmmpanel


Go to Instagram.com on your browser, then to your profile, you can search it or whatever means you can to get to it. Once you are at your profile you can take the URL from the browser!

Instagram profile URL

How To Get an Instagram Photo / Video URL

You can get a link to photos and videos that have been shared publicly. If an account is set to private, you won’t be able to copy a link to any of their posts.

Open Instagram, and browse for the photo of your choice. Once found, select the Menu button located under the photo (3 vertical dots). Then, select Copy Share URL:


A message will be displayed to confirm that a sharable URL has been copied to your clipboard.

To get a link to a post in the iOS app:

  • Tap above the post
  • Tap Copy Link to save the link.

You can also get the link by viewing the post on the web. To get a URL from the web:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to instagram.com/username. For example, if the username is “johnsmith,” type in instagram.com/johnsmith as the URL.
  • Click the post you want to save and copy the link at the top of your browser.